Introducing our Choir Director - our very own Miss Modest!

Rachel Bradley (a.k.a. Rachel Modest, a.k.a. Miss Modest) has been singing since she was three years old. She developed a love of gospel music through her upbringing within a Pentecostal church. It was there that she learned about harmonies, gospel choirs and improvisation.


She took up the study of music at school and went on to complete Contemporary Music Studies at Bretton Hall College of the University of Leeds, graduating in 1997. For her final project on the course, Rachel set up a gospel choir - a choir that has continued to run for over 20 years and now goes by the name of Wakefield Community Gospel Choir.

Her prominence as a talented singer-songwriter was firmly established with her involvement as lead singer of The Bluefoot Project. The band received high praise from the music media on release of their album ‘Brave’ in 2003. Rachel is now working on various solo projects as well as singing for producers such as JD73, Jam Sponge, Jason Sparks, Freddy Fresh and Tom Middleton to name but a few.


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